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About MVEMT Surf Skate Snow

MVEMT Surf Skate Snow located in Bigfork, Montana opened July 3  2021, and since our first day we’ve brought the best selection of top merchandise to our customers. MVEMT Surf Skate Snow is the shop for awesome Snowboard, Skateboard, Wakeboard gear and apparel. We do our best to ensure the latest styles for every season. MVEMT Surf Skate Snow was founded on one simple thing - a pure love and passion for all board sports. Since we’re enthusiasts ourselves, we know exactly what you need to enjoy this season safely and in style. All year round, we carry the latest equipment and apparel for all your needs. We also offer repairs, custom builds, parts, expert advice and extended support during the high season. Excellent value, staff and high quality have given MVEMT Surf Skate Snow a great reputation throughout the industry, so don’t hesitate to see what’s in store.

MVEMT Gallery

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